wording  golf x cube sw ®TM

User manual

 What to expect from your new GOLF-X-CUBE?
The GOLF-X-CUBE helps to promote upper body rotation ensuring a stable shoulder turn, you can see immediately any misalignment and this produces a more stable stance.

  •     Crucially your ball contact will be improved with less rotation.
  •     This also produces a constant ball contact and it will fly straighter.
  •     Your stroke distance becomes more consistent and predictable.
  •     Less muscle tension so you swing using less power.

IMG 3758 web 200So: Less but better body rotation, better ball contact, distance more consistent and less injuries. For the rest, practice with your Pro. When practicing short game skills, putting and difficult lies etc., the GOLF-X-CUBE does not replace your Pro, but does help you to achieve better results.
You control your swing, without your Pro, it’s more fun and swing errors do not return so quickly.
There are Pros who prefer to give many lessons rather than to advise the use of training tools like the GOLF-X-CUBE. However your Pro will be pleasantly surprised at how quick you have improved after using it, so then he can concentrate on more difficult exercises.
One golf lesson costs more than GOLF-X-CUBE. With your own GOLF-X-CUBE in your bag you have the perfect training tool to constantly control your swing again and again.

How does it work?

The GOLF-X-CUBE is a training tool using visual indication made for adults. It has yellow sides that can’t be seen when you look directly from above; this also indicates that the GOLF-X-CUBE is in the correct position. The GOLF-X-CUBE placed right if you may read the brand on the green top!

  • Practice without a ball when using the GOLF-X-CUBE for the first time, this way you get used to it quicker, and is not disturbed when a ball is used.
  • Do not under any circumstances strike the GOLF-X-CUBE.
  • Using an Iron, start your backswing going to the 10oo or 11oo o’clock position, during this backswing if no yellow sides of the GOLF-X-CUBE can be observed everything is fine. However should yellow sides become visible, you have too much upper body movement, so repeat the process again.
  • Swing slower and try to control your swing so no yellow sides of the GOLF-X-CUBE can be seen. Bending your legs a little gives you a better feel.
  • When you are accustomed to this swing then bring a ball in to play.
  • Notice, the distance from hands to thigh should only be one hands width, at the same time the arms hang down loosely. If your hands cover the GOLF-X-CUBE then your arms are too far forward they must hang down naturally.

golfxcube side viewWhen looking at the golf ball and swinging, you can see the GOLF-X-CUBE colour effect, which is if you see the yellow sides your lateral movement was too vigorous.
If you hit a fat shot then try to hold the club a bit more angled on the down swing, it will automatically come forward and the ball will be hit.
So then: Using better body rotation, hands angled in the down swing, don’t be surprised how quick you get used to hitting the sweet spot.

Training with your Woods & Driver

  • Position the GOLF-X-CUBE a little forward in your stance, so the yellow sides of the GOLF-X-CUBE are visible.
  • Make a swing and strike the ball, if successful you should still be able to see the yellow sides of the GOLF-X-CUBE, naturally with Woods and Driver you should stay behind the ball at contact. If the yellow sides disappear at contact then you have hit the ball from slightly above, this should be avoided, so please try again.

IMG 3736 web 200Furthermore:
When training on grass, fix a tee peg in to the bottom of the GOLF-X-CUBE so you can secure it firmly to the ground.
A beginner swinging the golf club not only moves sideways but can at the same time tilt forwards or backwards, to detect these movements the GOLF-X-CUBE has on the front and back a V indentation. With any of these movements you will see the yellow surfaces, this is to be avoided.

Have fun using your GOLF-X-CUBE.