Golfing when you’re older

Most golfers do not start playing golf until they are in their 50s - Can you really still get a true handicap?

First of all, it is harder for a golfer to rotate his body as he gets older. Rotation speed is also lower. A good, balanced swing is all the more important.

The GOLF-X-CUBE shows you how a balanced swing should feel. Golf is fun at any level of play. But the priority is clearly in the consistency of the strokes. Hitting more accurately and playing straighter - let the young guys look around in the rough for their badly hit balls!

Becoming a single handicapper is not a simple thing and means

Minimize the risk of injury..

You can dramatically reduce your risk of injury!

When you train with GOLF-X-CUBE, your body learns to rotate the shoulders along the axis of the spine. This means that you won’t risk any excessive sideways stress on your spinal column.

Most damage to discs is caused by this very type of sideways motion of the spinal axis. During a backswing and through-swing, large forces are unleashed that substantially affect the disc. Many golfers take pain medication for their back problems. The thought is that “If I can’t play golf anymore at all, what do I have left?!”

Therefore we advise having a balanced swing that can be simply developed with GOLF-X-CUBE.

If you rotate your shoulders around the axis of the spine then you